The 5th International Conference on New Discourses in Contemporary China (NDCC) in Nanjing



Great changes have taken place in contemporary China, and these changes, either in public sphere or in private sphere, see no sign of stop. These social changes bring about new orders of discourse and new linguistic phenomena. Therefore, the relationship between language and society becomes one of the most focused research topics in discourse studies. It is known that social changes lead to discourse changes, but it also needs to be known that discourse changes shape, maintain and facilitate social changes.
Based on this understanding, NDCC 2013 will be held at the Nanjing Normal University from Oct.19-20, 2013 in China. It is to explore the complexity of the dialectic relationship between discourse and social change in various domains of social life in China. The topics include: public discourse and the construction of public awareness; Chinese discourse and international relations; discourse and crisis management; catchwords and critical pragmatic analysis; inter-textual analysis of discourse; China in contemporary western discourse; network discourse in contemporary China; social cognition and critical discourse analysis.
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(Edited by Xiaowen)